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Some of our well known Doctors, Pharma and Medical Doctors Siva Reddy– Eye surgeon, and Padma Bhushan. Dr. D. Nageswara Reddy – one of the top Surgical Gastroenterologists in the world. Rejected a Professorship from Harvard to run Asian institute of gastroenterology-Hyderabad. Sundar Reddy – the first Indian doctor to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Civil Surgeons (FRCS) Premkumar Reddy– World Famous Oncologist and Director of Fels institute of cancer research and molecular biology at temple university. Dr. Hanumandla Rajinder Reddy – MD, Cardiologist, California. Dr Rajeshwar Reddy Angiti – MD, DM, Sydney, Australia. First qualified Neonatologist from Reddy community in
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