Some of well known Reddy’s in Judiciary

Eminent Lawyers and Judges

Justice P.Laxman Reddy – Justice of High Court

Justice B.P.Jeevan Reddy – Former justice of Supreme Court and Chairman of Law Commission of India.

Justice K.Jaya Chandra Reddy – Former justice of Supreme Court and chairman of Press Council of India.

Justice P.Venkataram Reddi – former Judge of Supreme Court of India

Justice O.Chinnappa Reddy – Famous Law expert and Former Justice of Supreme Court

Justice Konda Madhav Reddy – Former Chief Justice, Andhra Pradesh and Mumbai.

Justice A. Seetha Rama Reddy – Former Justice, Andhra Pradesh High Court

Justice Palem ChennaKeshav Reddy – Former Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh and Assam

Justice B.Sudershan Reddy – Chief Justice of Assam and later became Supreme Court Judge

C.Padmanabha Reddy – Prominent Criminal Lawyer

P.Babul Reddy – Prominent Criminal Lawyer

M.Ganga Reddy – Prominent Criminal Lawyer–Nizamabad

Justice P Basi Reddi

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